Netflix streaming port

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Netflix has become one of the leading video rental providers in the United States today, due largely to its extensive library of movies and in-home convenience
I have tried Googling for which TCP and/or UDP ports netflix uses for its streaming video. I have found a few pieces of information, some people saying saying that it

Netflix streaming port

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Netflix Instant streaming video is a service that lets you watch on-demand movies and TV shows over a high speed Internet connection. It may be an alternative source
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Access Netflix outside US Netflix Port Numbers Netflix TCP/UDP Ports - AVS | Home.

Access Netflix outside US

Netflix streaming port

What Is Needed for Netflix Streaming to.

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What port does Netflix device streaming.
Movies and TV Series. Free to try.
What port does Netflix device streaming use? Is this port also used by the website direct streaming in the Silverlight app? What is the HTTP Content-Type if it uses

This site has a pretty comprehinsive list, but i could not find the ports to forward for netflix streaming video. Specifically i am looking for

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